Who are you, what do you do, and what do you love about it?

I am your go to for all things PR. I have an absolute love for events and elevating brands to new realms. My favourite part of what I do is offering clients opportunities and options they would never have dreamed of before. It’s a crazy world, but I love every single part of our every changing industry.

How does being a woman in business impact your life and how you manage your chronic illness or disability?

Being a woman in business offers its own set of challenges when wanting to make your mark in the workforce but having a chronic illness adds just another level to have to overcome.
Part of the reason I started Crowned PR, was to allow me more flexibility around my illness. I suffer from chronic endometriosis as well as PCOS and adenomyosis (the pelvic pain trifecta). I am still able to work a lot of the time through my flare ups, but not in a way that really fit in with the traditional corporate environments I had been working in and they didn’t offer the flexibility I needed.

What is the advice you wish you were given (either business advice, illness advice, or both)?

Do your own research. In business, in life, in illness, you are your biggest advocate. Educate yourself and ask for what you need.

Are you comfortable talking about your chronic illness or disability with the rest of the business world or have you found it has negatively impacted you in the past?

I am … careful about the time and the place to share information about my illness. For many women, it’s a major point of connection, for many men, it is a source of discomfort on their part. I am all about building positive relationships so I will share where I think it will add points of connection, and leave it be where it won’t, I am so many more things than my illness, it doesn’t always come up!

What does life look like for you in 5 years time?

In 5 years time I want to be doing exactly what I am doing right now on a grander scale! I love my job, my team and the business I have built so much I cannot get enough of it.

What’s the one thing you’d want people to understand about who you are and how you operate as a fullysickbusinesschick?

You don’t need to be concerned that my illness will one day lead to me letting you down. I still deliver the heck out of events and campaigns and I have an amazing team of specialists who are also looking after you.

Who do you look up to in your industry or in the world?

People who have failed. I am not interested in someone who has achieved easily and never had a stumble (or claim to have never fallen). I want to hear what happened and how the heck you got back up and kept on fighting.

What advice would you give to women starting in business who are also juggling multiple balls?

You don’t have to do it all yourself. DIY what you are good at and is fun for you, and outsource the things you dread or are just not made for (mine is bookkeeping).

What makes you fully. faffing. sick? (Ummm… that’s awesome.)

Second guessing yourself is a massive issue, self-doubt is almost a disease in itself. What makes me fully, faffing, sick is that I’m not afraid to fall down, I want to challenge my employees, my clients and myself because the results are worth it!

Crowned PR is ruled by Lucy Tearne, a fearless, vibrant, go-getter expertly blending experience and knowledge with the intrepid ability to target a campaign specifically to not only harness all that’s fabulous about a brand but deliver it straight into the laps of their next best customers.

Lucy works closely with her extended team to create greatness. She brings the best from around Australia to give her clients everything they’ve ever wanted. Her favourite moment is when brands are offered opportunities they previously thought of as “wishful thinking”, which is why she’s known as the Wish Granter.


Why are we doing this thing? Because there’s enough noise in the world telling women what we ‘should’ be doing.

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