What do you do when you want to build your community and network for business growth but you’re counting spoons?

#fullysickbusinesschicks unite!

Part community, part collaborative opportunity, part referral network and sans the micro-aggressions and insensitivities of the regular business world.



BNI without the breakfast meetings

This is a hub for the chronically clever woman in business, entrepreneurs, and those of us building an empire on our own damn terms. 

Think BNI without the breakfast hours and mandatory turning up (and you can totally wear your jim jams, if you want!)

The first rule of FSBC Club is: you don’t have to talk about your sickness.

Not unless you want to.

Because we’ll all know you. We’ll get you. You don’t have to find the words for everyone you’re surrounded by to understand.

Join us. 


The Chronically Clever Collaborative 

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Something Is Rotten In This State

Something Is Rotten In This State

While we gasp at the erosion and removal of Roe V Wade, we ignore our own lack of reproductive freedom AMERICAN HORROR: THE 24 HOUR NEWS CYCLE A lot of us women here in Australia freak out when we see our friend America through the eye of our 24 hour news cycle, much...

The Givers and The Takers, And Then The Cookie Bakers

The Givers and The Takers, And Then The Cookie Bakers

My mother always told me; "In life, there are givers and there are takers. Be sure you know the difference." What is it that motivates people to give? To open themselves up to another, see what they need and fill that gap? Is it their incessant need? To be loved, to...

Becoming A Woman (Can Really Suck)

Becoming A Woman (Can Really Suck)

It's so romanticised growing up - becoming a woman. Growing into your womanhood. Taking your place amongst the generations of strong, beautiful women that have come before us, proudly. Becoming a woman (for me, at least) has been a big, hot, steaming pile of BS. I...

Love Yourself Through Thick, Thin, And Crohn’s

Love Yourself Through Thick, Thin, And Crohn’s

As I say goodbye to my kids at the school gate, I feel a slight change. I can’t explain it, but something feels different. Suddenly I’m conscious of my breathing and aware of every sensation in my body. It’s as though I can feel every air molecule touching my skin. A...

6 Things Young Women Should Stop Worrying About Right Now

6 Things Young Women Should Stop Worrying About Right Now

If you’ve ever been to the shops in the middle of Winter you will have definitely seen that gaggle of teenage girls squawking in the middle of the store because their eyebrows are “melting”. It's a catastrophe: the victim of the eyebrow melt is crying, her mascara is...

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